The day after …

A very big “Mahalo!” to everyone for your kind birthday wishes!  I had a great time yesterday with Carla, Alex, and the grandmas here in Vegas, and spent the day shopping, gambling, and eating!  We spent some time with our friends Grant & Rae yesterday before they flew back to Hawaii, and Alex flies home tonight so I know our puppies will be very glad to see him!  Poor Nick’s been babysitting them for the last couple of days and he said they stuck to him like glue!

We just went over to Trader Joe’s in Green Valley and picked up a whole bunch of stuff to bring home – candies, nuts, dog treats … you name it!  Now we have to figure out how to pack it all and still be under the 50 lbs. per bag weight limit that the airlines require.  Tonight we’re headed over to one of our favorite restaurants in Green Valley called Todd’s Unique Dining.  We always go there when we’re in Vegas since it’s relatively close to our hotel, and the food is outstanding!  I always order the roasted corn chowder and the Kobe beef burger … yum!!  And the fries come with 3 different types of ketchup – curry, plain, and balsamic – and really give them a kick!

As you can tell, all we do is eat!

Aloha, Lloy”D”

p.s. – Hey Yutaka, did you see the picture of the can of beer I’m holding in Alex’s blog??