It’s still gloomy!

What the @#$%?! … I was just finishing up this blog when everything was suddenly deleted!!  Now I have to start all over …

As I was saying, the skies are still overcast but at least the rain and wind have stopped.  It’s still quite humid so I hope the tradewinds come back real soon … this humidity sort of reminds me of our last trip to Japan except that it’s much cooler here!  Speaking of Japan, we met our good friend, Shioji-san, last night for some drinks and pupus at Kani Ka Pila.  He’s here for the slace-key festival this weekend at Kapiolani Park, and he told me that the typhoon that hit southern Japan killed a bunch of people!  I had heard that they had had a series of earthquakes lately, but to get hit with a deadly typhoon right after that is just too much!  Anyway, Shioji-san and I had a great time talking about guitars and we each tried to recall how many guitars we’ve owned over the years.  I figured that I’ve probably owned over 20 different guitars, with my favorites being a nylon Matsuoka and a Gibson ES 175.  I still have both guitars and Alex & I still use the Matsuoka frequently, but the Gibson is in storage and really needs to have some work done on the neck and tuners.  It’s still a great jazz guitar, though – nice warm sound with great neck action.

Since we’re heading out of town, we won’t be at Lulu’s or Kani Ka Pila this weekend – sorry!  And next week Friday, it’ll be only Alex & Nick (Manoa-NA) at Lulu’s since I don’t get back to town until later that evening.  Then on Saturday, we have a private function so no Kani Ka Pila again.  But we will be back on the 28th & 29th so we hope to see you guys there!

Aloha, Lloy”D”