Rain, rain, rain!

I guess I spoke too soon … the rain and wind from what’s left of Hurricane Felicia have now arrived!  It started pouring late last night and is still going strong this morning.  Everything on our back porch is soaked except for my chair (which I’m sitting in right now!).  I’m watching endless curtains of rain showers blow down Manoa Valley and it doesn’t look like it’s going stop anytime soon.  Oh, and guess what – yesterday I saw the first Manoa rainbow in a long time!  I used to see a lot of them earlier in the year but they all but disappeared after the weather turned hot & dry.  I forgot how breathtakingly beautiful they are … our kupuna are true artists!  The puppies are getting antsy and want to go for their walk, but we’re going to wait for a break in the downpour before stepping outside.  By the way, remember how I wrote in earlier blogs that the puppies were eating the baby avocados that were falling from our tree?  Well, the avocados are much bigger now and aren’t so easy for them to lift so they’ve stopped dragging them into our house – finally!

We finally have a break in our hectic schedule – Alex is going to Vegas tomorrow with some friends for some fun & relaxation, and I leave next week with Carla, her mom, and my mom for the same.  It’ll be kind of like the “calm before the storm” since we’re probably going into the recording studio the following week, and then it’s back to Japan for more performances.  But I’m not complaining one bit – the boys & I are extremely fortunate to get these opportunities and will gladly accept all that come our way!

Aloha, Lloy”D”