Windy Saturday!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning, but the winds look like they’re starting to pick up a bit … could be part of Hurricane Felicia which is currently east of Hilo on the Big Island.  The current forecast is that it will be a tropical depression by the time it hits the islands so that is definitely good news!  On a positive note, we had another rockin’ time at Lulu’s last night with many of our friends and family packing the place!  Mahalo to our good friend, Yutaka, and my sister, Pat, for the awesome hula!  It was also great to see Kuniko and “Mr. Rock ‘n Rye” Leland there too!  Eh, Leland .. that new Primo sucks!  And the girls, Nao, Chiemi, and the rest were also there to celebrate Friday pauhana … we even got a request to play Alex’s “Lover’s Lullabye” from our 2nd CD – we haven’t played that for at least a year or two!  Boy, did we scramble for that one!

We are going to spend today working on a song project for Japan – we need to send our final demo to them by tonight or early tomorrow morning at the latest so we really need to get going on it.  And we’re back at Kani Ka Pila Grille tonight after a month’s absence!  It’ll be great to be back – although we are gone again for the next two weeks!  I really love the location and the people there, especially Luana and the manager, Robert.  They take really good care of us and make performing there a great experience!

The puppies are whining … gotta take ’em for their morning walk!

Aloha, Lloy”D”