Friday pauhana – yeah!!

It’s Aloha Friday everyone, which means that the weekend has arrived!  There’s been a lot of concern lately about Hurricane Felicia which is slowly approaching Hawai’i from the east, but reports indicate that it will continue to weaken and become a tropical depression by the time it arrives in our waters.  We’ll take our usual precautions, however, and make sure we have a good supply of bottled water, food, and batteries on hand just in case the forecasters are wrong!

I love my new iPhone 3G … it’s so fast compared to my old iPhone!  My friend who has a new Blackberry Bold wanted to “race” my new iPhone in surfing the internet (we both subscribe to AT&T).  It was no contest – I smoked him – it took 3 seconds for my phone vs. 10 seconds for his!  Ain’t technology great?!!

Well, I’m going to my office now and will probably play a little squash during lunch.  We’re at Lulu’s tonight and Kani Ka Pila tomorrow night, so MDNA will be rockin’ Waikiki this weekend!  Alooohaa!!