Those puppies!

I came home yesterday afternoon and our floor was covered with muddy pawprints!  Apparently the puppies got into some mud and tracked it into the house while no one was home … #@$**#!!!  I can’t really get mad at them though because they’re so cute …

We met some of our Yokohama friends at Kani Ka Pila last night, and the place was packed.  Apparently, there was a week-long hula competition in town and some of the participants and their halau were coming to Kani Ka Pila to chill out and listen to some great Hawaiian music.  I said hello to fellow musicians Weldon Kekauoha and Brian Tolentino (who were performing), and also ran into Raiatea Helm who was there to listen to the great music and relax with her boyfriend, Guy, and his mom who was visiting from Las Vegas.  We first met Raiatea a few years ago on our very first trip to Japan as ManoaDNA.  We both performed in the same show in Yokohama, and have been great friends ever since.  She’s a real sweetheart and has one of the most beautiful voices in Hawaiian music today.

Gotta run …

Aloha, Lloy”D”

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  1. 😀 I want to see pics of your cute puppies.