Tuesday morning …

Good morning all!  We just got back from walking the puppies on another gorgeous morning in Paradise!  Nothing much happening today except for a morning meeting and dinner tonight with our friends from Yokohama.  I also have to make an appointment for my annual eye exam and take care of some of my dad’s affairs.  I’ve started getting emails from fellow musicians who were also up in Japan for the Yokohama festivals, so we’re going to try and get together for a few beers and swap some “war” stories … always a lot of fun!   By the way, a big mahalo to all of you who gave me cough drops as omiyage while we were in Japan … I offered some to my mother and she just loved them!




  1. Good morning Dad!!

    I’m glad to hear that!!

    The throat is one of important parts for musicians:-)

    I’m not a musician but now I need nodo ame because I have a cold…:-(

    Oh, I gotta go.

    Take care and have a nice day!!


  2. Hi dad! How are you doing? I hope you feeling better! 🙂

    I’m so sorry I couldn’t go to Yokohama this time.
    I miss you guys!
    Naoko Mikajima (in Hiroshima)