Wow, the last few days have been rough…

I was in the studio all day and night working on new songs and ended up failing at the end… 🙁
At first I was pretty angry and I wanted to shoot someone, but now I feel like working harder and making a new song that people will love. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m sorry I’ve been so bad at updating my blog! I’ve been really busy and I haven’t had time…however, my twitter gets updated a lot 🙂

Here is a great picture I took of Japan at night when we were there…I miss it already…do you miss me?????




One thought on “Stuck Inside

  1. Kanako 13 years ago

    Hi! Where is that? Waikiki? Aloha Tower?? haha..Joking:)
    It was great seeing you in Japan and thank you for your great performance!! Always mDNA music makes me…happy:)
    Yeah,I miss you guys=< And…I miss Hawaaaaii!!

    Have a nice day, Aloha:)

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