It’s the weekend!

Boy, we had a great crowd last night at Lulu’s!  Many of our friends came down to welcome us home after being away for a couple of weeks.  Our good friend, Misa, came dressed as Meg from “Family Guy” and also had a cool ManoaDNA uchiwa or fan which she had made … very cool!  Also there were the Kases from Yokohama who we saw when we were in Japan last week.  Akio even got up to perform a couple of songs while his wife, Eriko, danced the hula in front of a very appreciative crowd.  So even though it took us a while to settle into our groove, it turned into another rocking Friday night at Lulu’s!  I think the boys & I are still feeling the effects of our trip since everyone looked beat at the end of the night.

We haven’t taken the puppies for their walk yet since it’s kind of windy and rainy this morning in Manoa.  I’m glad we don’t have any gigs this weekend because we need the rest and there are things we need to do at home.  And since it’s summer, it’s the obon season with many bon dances taking place around the island.  There’s one this weekend at the temple near our home so we’ll probably drop by to get some great local food.  We’ve been taking the boys to this fun cultural event ever since they were little.

Malama pono,



  1. うれしい!I’m glad to hear that you liked my favorite character. I wanted to give you “welcome back surprise” We all missed you guys while you were in Japan. So we enjoyed so much yesterday. Thank you;) and I’m from Yokohama so I was happy to seeYokohama’s great performers too. ^_^/

    • Hi Misa,
      Thank you for welcoming us back home last Friday! Your “Meg” costume was great and I hope Yutaka took some photos of you!

  2. ALOHA!!
    Dad!! I ‘m glad to see you again in Yokohama!!
    How was Lulu’s??
    Did you enjoy??
    I have plan to visit Waikiki in September!!
    Can I meet you again ??
    I’ll go to Lulus at September,25th.
    Do you play Lulu’s at this time??
    Please tell me September’s Schedule!!
    Mahalo Naoko Sakata!!

    • Aloha Naoko,
      We are currently scheduled to be at Lulu’s on September 25th! See you then!

  3. Hi,DAD!!
    Really???I’m very Happy!!
    I’m looking forward to meet you again at Lulu’s.
    Ican’t wait!!!

    Maybe,I go to JATA at 20th!!
    See you again !! Mahalo Naoko