Aloha Friday – July 31st

It’s mid-morning and the yardmen are here working on our lawn.  A lot of the hedges next to our house are brown because we weren’t able to exclude them when the house was tented for termites last week.  They should recover since only the leaves are brown and the rest of plant looks healthy.  I’m glad we have a quiet weekend coming up – I think we need the time to decompress from the trip and also to take care of some family chores.  At least the weather is still nice and cool and we don’t have to deal with the hot, humid weather that our friends in Japan are now experiencing.

I’ll probably spend some of the day helping Alex with a song project that needs to be completed asap, and then we head down to Lulu’s tonight for some pauhana jamming!  If you’re looking to kick back and have a few, come on down!