It’s Thursday …

Good morning!  I’m finally starting to get over the effects of jet lag and woke up in time to take our puppies for a walk.  It also helps when they jump on the bed and start licking your face at 6:00am!  Tomorrow we are back at Lulu’s and I’m really looking forward to performing again after resting this week.  My voice seems to be rested, although I still have some of the cough left over from the cold that I had a few weeks ago.

It’s so beautiful here in Manoa … cool tradewinds, lush greenery, and countless birds singing their own unique songs!  Our Japan manager, Ann, sent me a photo of a double rainbow over Tokyo – a very rare sight indeed – which she had taken with her cell phone (while driving?? :-)) right after she said goodbye to us as we left for the airport.  How nice that the kupuna blessed us with such a beautiful sight over there!  Awesome!

The puppies are ready for their walk … have a wonderful day!

Aloha, Lloy”D”