I really got hit by the jet lag today … feeling really out of it and constantly dozing off!  This is the worst part about coming back home and it’ll probably last for a few days.  It’s a nice day, though, and I’m trying to catch up on some of my work which has piled up while we were away.  It’s around noon and I was going to go get some lunch at Andy’s in Manoa – great little place for breakfast and lunch – but they were closed and I ended up at McDonald’s … ugh!  I sure miss the food in Japan … even the little convenience stores have great food to go, especially the soba!

I got up just in time to take the puppies for a walk with Carla this morning, and afterwards gave them a good brushing.  Boy did I brush out a lot of fur – almost enough to stuff a small pillow!  Nah … just joking!

Malama pono,  Lloy”D”