Going home!

It’s a sunny and humid morning here on our last day in Yokohama.  We fly back to Hawaii tonight after a busy but productive week of HTJ promotions which I hope will encourage more people to visit our beautiful island home!  This trip been very demanding physically on all of us so I think everyone is ready to go home and rest a few days!

Last night, we went to a small bar in Zushi called Vahana to watch our friend Akio perform with his friend, Kuma-san.  Zushi is a beach town with many small bars and restaurants and is about a 45 min. train ride from our hotel.  The bar, Vahana, reminded me of a mini-Margaritaville with its tropical decor and grass shack exterior.  Anyway, we had a blast – the boys & I played a few songs and both Sarah and Auriana danced the hula.  We were all pretty tired though, so we left early and got back to the hotel before midnight.  Mahalo to Akio, Eriko, Mayumi, and all the rest of the gang for making our last night in Japan a fun one!

We’ll be cruising today until we leave for the airport later this afternoon, so I think I’ll do a little shopping and look for some good ramen.  Come to think of it … we’ve been so busy this trip that we haven’t eaten any ramen yet!  Wow, that’s a first!

Mahalo once again to everyone who came to see our performances this past week and we hope to see you all in Hawaii very soon!  A very big mahalo to Ichikura-san and his HTJ staff for again allowing us to represent Hawaii in Japan!  And finally, a very special mahalo to our dear friend and manager, Ann, for all her hard work and for keeping us out of trouble!

Malama pono & a hui hou!    Lloy”D”


  1. Hi,DAD!
    Me & my mom enjoyed your performance yesterday at yokohama!
    Yesterday was so hot,otsukaresamadeshita.
    We hope to see you again in september.
    And I want to listen to another southern rock tune in japan next time.

    Have a safe flight.
    Take care,aloha!


  2. To “D”

    Your performances were very wonderful.

    I am looking forward to meeting again.

    The moisture of summer of Japan is the worst.
    Please come ..however…

    Aloha,            Kyoko

  3. Aloha Dad,
    Otsukaresama deshita for your long Japan tour.
    I could spend a wonderful week. Mahalo !
    Please take a good rest.
    I’m real looking forward to see you in Sep !
    Aloha, Kumi

  4. Otsukaresama!! I had a nice time when I watch your show!!
    I’m looking forward to see you again.