Yokohama is Rainy!

Aloha Yokohama! Coming to you live and direct from the rainiest place in Japan! 15 shows down, 6ish more to go!?


Yesterday, we left Sendai and headed for Kagoshima where we were guests of KNT travel company in the Aeon mall! Super fun, with all the people standing so close to me! Then it was off to Caretta Shiodome where we taught a couple hundred people to dance hula to “Only in Hawai’i!”

Some delicious treats given to us, featuring Japanese flavors:


  1. Aloha, Nick!
    Really CUTE♥ This picture looks like a trick picture… Perspective???
    In Japan, Today is the last day you perform. I hope you guys do well in Japan tour. I’m looking forward to your coming back:)
    Please take care.
    Aloha, NAO♪

  2. Hi Nick!!
    I was glad to see you at Bay Qarter yesterday.
    I hope to see you in Hawaii or Japan soon!
    Have a safe flight!

  3. Aloha Nick!
    Otsukaresama deshita for your long Japan tour.
    I could spend a great week!
    And Mahalo for giving us beautiful leis 🙂
    I am sorry that I became heatstroke….
    But don’t worry, I already Genki !
    Please take a good rest.
    Looking forward to see you in Sep!!!
    Aloha, Kumi