Yokohama – Day 1

Good morning!  I had a pretty good sleep last night although I woke up a couple of times to drink some water.  I don’t like sleeping with air conditioning since it gives me dry mouth and is bad for the vocal chords.  I think I’m going to skip breakfast this morning and just relax before our 9am soundcheck.  We have another full day with 2 performances and a rehearsal – the rehearsal is for an actual wedding which will be at the main stage tomorrow at Ohsambashi Hall which is located at the pier.  Should be interesting since we have to play 3 songs which we don’t know yet!  Oh well … as we say in showbiz, “good luck boys and see you at the end”!  I’m glad Yokohama is our final stop – we can finally settle in for the next 4 days without having to move around to different hotels every day!  The area that we are in – Minato Mirai – has a lot of shopping and dining places including an amusement park across from our hotel.  This was the first place that ManoaDNA performed in Japan – it was back in April 2006 and we were part of a Hawaiian concert at the Minato Mirai Concert Hall located a few steps from where we are.  If you haven’t been there, you have to see it next time you’re in Yokohama – what a fabulous facility!  The stage is HUGE and the backdrop is a floor-to-ceiling row of organ pipes!

Anyway, I think I’m going to go grab a Starbucks before soundcheck so I need to get moving … talk to you later!

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Hi,Dad!!
    I enjoyed your music today.(Yokohama culture Seminar &Landmark stage)
    It was Wonderful!! I’m happy very much.
    I’m glad to meet you again!!

    P.S “Please try my gift.”and “Please drink Beer tonight with Alex&Nick.”

    It enjoy Japan tour!! and Take care!

    Thank you! Naoko Sakata

    • Aloha Naoko!
      Thank you so much for coming to see us yesterday and for bringing us the nice omiyage! It was very refreshing!
      We hope to see you again soon!

  2. I am glad to be pleased.
    The beer is delicious in summer.
    I like it too.
    Please enjoy the stage in Japan of two another day.
    And, please return to home taking care.
    Please give my best regards to your family.

    “Naoko Sakata” see you again at JATA and Lulus in September!!