Arrived in Sendai …

It’s around 10:30pm and we just arrived at our hotel in Sendai.  We caught the Shinkansen out of Tokyo Station after our last performance at the JTB offices in Shinjuku.  To all of you who came out to see us at the Imperial Hotel and Shinjuku, we send you a big “Mahalo!”  We’ll be in Sendai tomorrow and return to Tokyo early Thursday morning for two more performances before finally heading to Yokohama that evening.  It’s been raining steadily in Tokyo and here in Sendai making it quite cool and pleasant.  We have to get up early tomorrow morning for a TV appearance and then head over to the Aeon Mall in the afternoon for 2 shows.

I’m going to sleep now, so oyasuminasai!

Aloha,  Lloy”D”


  1. Seems so busy!Daddy,take it easy!

  2. Otsukaresama Dad!!
    Please take care!
    Hope to see you in Yokohama.