We arrived in Shiodome late last night, checked in, and went to bed … boy, was I tired!  I started watching the final round of the British Open and passed out – woke up around 2:30am with the TV still on!  I skipped the breakfast buffet this morning because it’s not very good … went instead to Starbuck’s and Family Mart to get some espresso and snacks to tide me over until lunch.  We did 3 shows yesterday at the Music Oasis in Narita airport before an appreciative crowd, and we even had some fans who came to all 5 shows!  Thank you to Masako and the gang for being there!  Since we’re flying out of Narita next week, I have to try the sushi restaurant that Nick guys ate at yesterday … they said it was the best sushi they’ve had since we were in Las Vegas at our friend Kats’ sushi bar in Caesar’s.  I don’t know if I want to pay $16 for one piece of ohtoro and a beer though!

We have 4 appearances this afternoon around Tokyo, so we’re going to be on the go until early evening … I hope they’re indoors and out of the heat & humidity.  I’m more concerned for our dancer, Sarah,  and Miss Hawaii USA, Aureana, since they’ll be doing hula in the heat … but no worries – these girls are tough and I’m sure they’ve performed under a lot tougher conditions.  I hope we get back in time to make our usual shopping trip over to the Don-Ki store.  That place has absolutely everything you can imagine – from two-foot long Slim Jims (pepperoni sticks) to Rolex watches!  My kind of place …

Peace,  Lloy”D”


2 thoughts on “Phase 2: Tokyo

  1. Mari 13 years ago

    Aloha Dad, Nick and Alex

    It was nice to see you guys again!!
    And I’m sooooo happy that you remember me.

    Your performance was awesome!!
    I really had a great time:-)

    I must apologize to you because you took a picture with me but I forgot to say thank you properly.
    I’m sorry…:-(

    Let’s meet on Saturday.

    So until then…
    Please take care of yourself.

    Mahalo for a great time!


    1. dad 13 years ago

      Aloha Mari!
      Thank you so much for coming down to see us today at H.I.S.!

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