Narita – Day 3

It’s day #2 here in warm & overcast Narita and I’m sitting in my hotel room listening to the “Jersey Boys” soundtrack.  I’ve always loved the Four Seasons’ music but never realized that they had so many hits until seeing the “Jersey Boys” musical last year.  After checking out of the hotel later this morning, we’re going to go eat (again!) at a local unagi restaurant.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the dish, unagi is a freshwater eel which I’m told is a local specialty here in Narita.  It’s grilled, then basted with a special sauce creating one of the most tastiest dishes in the world!  After lunch, we head on over to Narita Airport for 3 “Music Oasis” performances this afternoon and evening.  Last night’s performances were a lot of fun as people there were treated to some great music along with hula by Miss Hawaii USA, Auriana Tseu, and MDNA’s own Kamalei Noyle.  Afterwards, we went to eat at a local restaurant which served mostly Italian “inspired” food, but the best dish was the escargot (one of my favorite) which not only was delicious but only cost around $4!  You can’t find that kind of deal at home … and of course, the nama beeru or draft beer was great as always!

We head to Tokyo right after our last performance tonight and start a series of travel industry performances in and around Tokyo before heading to Sendai on Tuesday night.  We have a brief TV appearance Wednesday morning before performing at the Aeon Mall later that day.  On Thursday we’re back in Tokyo for 2 more performances before leaving for Yokohama later that evening.  Our good friend, Vance K, a local boy from Hilo who’s a DJ in Yokohama has joined us as MC for most of our performances on this trip.  It should be a lot of fun since he’s an accomplished ukulele player and sometimes jams with us on stage.

More to come …

Aloha, Lloy”D”


  1. Hi Dad!!
    Mahalo for your wonderful show at Narita Airport for two days!!
    I enjoyed it! Otsukaresama Dad…
    I listened to Mannoa DNA song when I came back from Narita Airport!


  2. Aloha Dad, Nick, Alex and welcome to Japan!
    I’m glad I’ll see you on TV in Japan!
    I must wait you on wednesday morning.
    but, what channel must I tune to, NITTELE, TEREASA, FUJI, TBS or NHK-educational(haha…)???

    I beleave I could see you guys somewhere while you stay in Japan!!!