Aloha Tokyo!

We have arrived!! It was a full flight and hot, but it was ok. We’re resting now in our hotel and hopefully we’ll find a place to eat for dinner before I crash and fall asleep. The weather is not as hot as I thought but i think it’s going to get a little hotter…

I want to buy this sumo!


  1. Welcome to Japan!! See you soon!

  2. Aloha Alex!! Welcome back to Japan!!

    I listened to the radio,”Wiki Wiki Hawaii” this morning.
    I heard your voice from it 🙂
    You can listen to the program(Inter FM 76.1) at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning in Tokyo area, I believe.

    Take care and enjoy your stay!!

    Please say hi to Kamalei 🙂

    P.S. Have you caught the TV commercial(Discover Aloha)yet??? I had!! You can also check here.

  3. oh so cute! 🙂
    Welcome back to Japan. I’ll be back to Hawaii! hehe

    See you in Hiroshima!