Tuesday evening …

We just got home after performing with our full band at the Honolulu Zoo before a fun crowd.  My voice was ok but probably needs a few more days to get back to full strength.  Unfortunately, we start a performance marathon on Friday (Saturday in Japan) with the first of 20 shows in 9 days!  Speaking of our trip, I need to start packing … I hope the puppies haven’t gotten into my travel stuff.  I’ll be updating my blog every day while we’re on our trip so stay tuned!




  1. Aloha, Dad!
    I enjoyed Wildest Show in Town tonight! Especially, “Love the one you’re with”, “Ka’a Ahi Kahului”, and “I’m Yours”♪♪♪ You know what I mean;)
    So, in Japan, the rainy season is over. It’s really hot and muggy…X( Anyways, I want you guys to enjoy Japan tour! Please take care:)
    Aloha, NAO♪

  2. Aloha Lloyd,
    Caught you all at the Zoo yesterday. My family and I decided on a “stay-cation” in Waikiki this summer so the concert was a great way for us to top off 3 days of fun! You sounded great and you were totally rockin it!! Way to show the young ones how it’s really done! Keep the music and the great harmonies coming!
    P.S. My 10 year daughter Jessica is a huge fan and she was so pleased that she got to get Nick’s autograph…finally..to complete her quest to get all of your signatures on her cd of “no place like home”. She said the boys were so nice but she likes you the best…just a cute FYI. 🙂