Getting ready …

Gotta get an early start this morning … I need to work on arrangements for a couple of last-minute songs that were requested by HTJ for the upcoming promotional tour.  It looks like this trip will be different from the previous ones since we’ll be doing a lot of small commercial performances (travel agencies etc.) instead of the large venues.  This sort of reminds me of the kind of promotions I did as a musician for Hawaiian Air back in my old college days … oh well, as Hawaii’s ambassadors we’re prepared to do whatever we can to help our state’s tourism!

I finally started taking antibiotics yesterday after my throat started getting irritated again, and I think I have a sinus infection.  We’ll see how it goes, but other than that I’m feeling fine.  My voice is still a little weird though so I have to make sure I warm it up real good before tomorrow’s concert at the zoo (maybe a shot of rock ‘n rye huh, Leland?).




  1. Hi Lloyd,
    WHATTT….ahhhhhhh….you mentioned the innocent name again. Better we blame Kuniko instead, yeah? Nah, just joking…take care that voice tonight…C Ya, Leland

  2. Hi Dad!!
    Your visits to Japan are after for one week. I’m pleasure!
    I hope to see you and your ohana.
    Only in Hawaii♪