Another busy week coming up.

The sun is starting to peak over the mountain ranges as I sit here on our lanai with my laptop.  Mornings are my favorite time of day – very cool & quiet.  We have a lot of work ahead of us this week in preparation for our second Japan tour this year – gotta pack, pick up more CDs, sign contracts, do laundry, etc..  It’s always crazy around our house whenever we’re getting ready for a trip!  My cough is slowly getting better and I hope it’s good to go by the time we perform at the zoo this Wednesday.  I hate it whenever I get a virus in the throat – it always affects my vocal chords so I end up sounding like a croaking frog or the wind.  I have another doctor’s appointment today so maybe she’ll have something that will help me (other than booze!).

We have a rehearsal tonight (yikes!) so I’ve got to go work on charts … take care!



  1. Aloha, Dad!
    Have you ever tried ginger tea? I’ve recently had a sore throat, I make and take it. It works! Please try it:)
    Aloha, NAO♪

  2. Hi Dad! Take it easy ne!
    Hope you’ll feel better soooooon!