Weekend is here!

I just got finished playing squash at the Honolulu Club and my shoulder actually felt pretty good!  I’m going to try and play again tomorrow morning, but I’ll wait to see if my shoulder is ok.  I still have a slight cough, but other than that I’m feeling ok.  I struggled vocally last night at Lulu’s because of my cough, and at times I sounded like a squeaky wheel!  I hope to sound better by Wednesday’s concert at the zoo, though.

Alex and Nick flew to the Big Island this morning to play golf and I’m completely jealous!!  However, I need to stay home and recover completely from this nagging cold so I think I made the right decision.  I also have a lot to do before we leave next week – chart out new songs, finish sending out thank you notes, and help Carla pack for our up-coming termite tenting.  I can’t remember the last time I had a free weekend … it’s kinda nice!

Big mahalo to Naoko from Hiroshima who came to Lulu’s with her grandparents and danced hula for us!  We’d also like to send a big “Happy Birthday!” to Nao, who was there to celebrate with her friends, and to all of our friends and family who joined us for another fun evening last night!




  1. Kuniko & Leland

    How-zit Lloyd,

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better after last night’s gig at Lulu’s. Hey, what about the recognition to 2 mysterious instigators who supplied you the Patron tequila shots to soothe your sore throat? Also a question of a song, when Nick sang that earlier song which began…Sorry, i’m sorry, baby can i hold you tight (something, something ) right time..you be mine ( some lyrics to this song ) but is that a Manoa DNA original? I didn’t hear that on the 2 Manoa DNA CD’s, so is that a song cover from another artist? I thought that was sung by Manoa DNA, which i really liked, along with C & K, C,S & N and the Lynard Skynard’s Sweet Home Alabama song. What is the title of the song? Anyways, see you on Wed. Wild night at the Zoo event and i won’t forget the Rock N Rye liquier for the nagging throat. I’ll make sure to discreetly give it to you, away from your mom & Carla. Good to have some supply there and maybe Nick & Alex can use it when their throats feel a pinch but watch the level of usage on the bottle to see who has been drinking it! BTW also, how do i ( or Kuniko ) upload the sticker pic of my bodyboard in Things in the Manoa DNA World? Please save me a new sticker to add on to my bodyboard, onegaishimasu. Please don’t mention our names on who had supplied you the Patron shots, the Manoa DNA fans will hunt us down, hehe. Regards to everyone and take care yourself. Ja’a Suiyobi ni!!

    • You guys are sooo bad! Thanks again for the tequila – I have to admit it did help although I ended up squeaking a few of the high notes anyway! I’m sure the Rock n’ Rye will do the job if I don’t get bus’ up first AND I’ll be sure to mention your names in my next blog so that people will know who to see if they ever have throat problems! BTW, the song you’re asking about is BABY CAN I HOLD YOU and was originally recorded by Tracy Chapman and covered locally by Ale’a a few years ago. It was one of first songs that the boys and I learned when we first played together. I’ll ask Nick about uploading the bodyboard pic to the website and get back to you. Laters ….

  2. Kuniko & Leland

    Hey Lloyd,

    I’m ready to go to work but thanks for mentioning our names, since it was to protect the innocent until proven guilty 🙂
    Also thanks for answering my question about the song and the artist.

    See you on Wed! Ja’a 😮

    Your best pals,

    Kuniko & Leland

  3. Alooha! Ahh I came back to Japan a few hours ago. I’m in the Shinkansen right now to Hiroshima.

    I had GREAT time at Lulu’s on 10!! REALLY THANK YOU!!


    Kuniko san, Nao san, I was happy to see you!! 🙂