Monday blahs …

Well, it looks like I may have come down with a slight cold … bummer!  My throat feels a little swollen and congested and I’m feeling a little fatigued so I’ll probably lay low this week and try to get as much rest as possible before we leave for Japan next week.  Alex & I fly to Kona this weekend with our golf club for a 2-day tournament, and then we have our Wildest Show concert at the Honolulu Zoo next Wednesday night before leaving for Japan the next morning!  Like the Eagles song goes, “Life in the fast lane … “  I’m going to see my doctor this afternoon to get some meds and then we have a dinner with our good friend and agent, Ann, later on this evening.

I’m going to ask Alex & Nick to show me how to download pics from my IPhone to my laptop so I can include them in my blogs.  I’m such a technical moron!



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  1. Aloha Dad! Are you ok? Please take care of yourself and take it easy.

    well, I’ll leave Japan tonight.So see you soon!!
    My grandparents also looking forward to see you again.Really!!