Puppies woke me up very early this morning … probably startled by an avocado falling on our roof!  They love the baby avocados that fall from our backyard tree – we’re constantly finding half-eaten ones scattered throughout our house.   I’m still trying to learn the lyrics to the new song we’re performing for the 4th of July celebration tomorrow … maybe we’ll give it a dry run tonight at Lulu’s.  I hope you all plan to watch one of the many 4th of July fireworks displays happening around the island tomorrow night, especially the one at Ala Moana Center since we’ll be performing there at the main stage beginning at around 8 o’clock.

Boy, our July trip to Japan for Hawaii Tourism is going to be the busiest by far – 20 or more performances in 9 days!  This includes one day with 4 performances at 4 different venues!  Whooo … better get my running shoes ready!

Ok … gotta get ready for my day … need to pick up my guitar from the shop and stop by the office!