Sore Tuesday

I know…I screwed up because I didn’t write yesterday! I’m sorry, will you ever forgive me?

Today was a pretty good day because since I worked out yesterday I slept very good! I did this new workout that someone told me about that a Japanese guy invented and let me tell you, it was DAMN tiring! This morning I woke up and my body was so sore, it was terrible. Actually, I love feeling sore because it let’s me know that I had a good workout haha.

I tried to go play golf today with some buddies of mine and we got 9 holes in but my body was sore and I didn’t shoot very good…it’s not an excuse for my terrible score…I promise! We walked 9 holes at Ala Wai Golf Course during one of the nicest afternoons in a long time! The picture at the bottom shows how nice it was. I took it from my phone so it’s not very clear, but you get the idea. I wanted to go paddling because the wind was pretty tame, but I wouldn’t do very good with my sore body today haha!

Japan is only a few weeks away now and I can’t wait to go! We are going to start preparing for our trip this week and hopefully get some new songs for this upcoming trip. I can’t wait!!!!!

Well, I’ll probably be out surfing tomorrow so if you’re out there, cone say hi…don’t be shy!