Monday again?!

My how the weekend flies by when you’re having fun!  It’s the start of another busy week for us filled with rehearsals, performances, and … oh yeah, work!  Nick and I played golf yesterday with our golf group and Nick won his flight with a net score of 69, while I struggled in with a net 74.  And since Alex and I are going to Kona with the same group in a couple of weeks, my game better improve or I’ll be in big trouble!  Later this afternoon, we have a rehearsal for the upcoming July 4th performance at Ala Moana Center so the Alex, Nick, and I need to work on a couple of arrangements before everyone comes over.  The Michael Jackson tune we played around with last Friday – THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL – has some good potential, so we’ll try to really nail it down and add it to our regular set list.  We also have to start making preparations for our return trip to Tokyo and Yokohama on July 17th ….

Our Japan representative, Ann Suzukawa, is coming to Hawaii this week – she manages all of MDNA’s business interests in Japan.  She’s a great person and a part of our personal ohana, so if you happen to meet her in Tokyo, please give her a big hug for us!

And since this weekend is July 4th, Independence Day, that means that there will be fireworks displays throughout the islands.  We’ll have to make sure that our puppies don’t go nuts with all the noise, especially on Saturday!  By the way, although we won’t be at Kani Ka Pila until August, we will still be at Lulu’s this week 7/3, next week 7/10, and after we return from Japan 7/31, so come on down and enjoy Pauhana Friday with us … Yutaka may even teach you his new “HEY!” move!  😉




  1. ALO—HA!
    The event in kanikapila on Saturday last week was very happy.
    It was possible to enjoy in the seat next to your family(OHANA), so I was happy .

    Thank you for signing the photograph of the event in Odaiba.

    It is terrible and glad to meet you again in Japan this month.

    24th and 26th event in Yokohama ??
    I go without fail on the 24th.
    I take ManoaDNA [UCHIWA] looks like MISA.
    It looks forward.

    I play “HEY” learnt from Mr. Yutaka . So, please sing “Love THE ONE YOU’RE WITH” .

    Mahalo Naoko

    • Hi Naoko,

      Thank you for coming to see us at Kani Ka Pila last week, and we look forward to seeing you in Yokohama soon!


  2. ALOHA!


    I look forward to see you again too!!

    I’ll go 7/24 [Landmark Tower in Yokohama].

    I made [UCHIWA of Manoa DNA] yesterday.

    Mahalo Naoko