“Sunday morning, rain is falling .. ” :-)

Those are the first words to a song that Nick sings … very appropriate since it’s Sunday morning and the rain IS falling!  As I sit here on our lanai and enjoy the cool & refreshing morning breeze (with my usual cup of strong coffee, of course!), I notice little tiny avocados are starting to grow on our tree in the backyard.  This avocado tree is very old, but still continues to give us the best pears every year – so buttery and delicious!  And because they pretty much ripen at the same time, we suddenly have a LOT of avocados in our house which we try to give away before they rot!

We had another fun time at Kani Ka Pila last night, with a lot of friends and family in the audience.  A lot of our Japanese hula friends came down too, since there is a hula competition (King Kamehameha) in town this week.  Tamaki from Nagoya, enchanted the crowd with a beautiful hula to Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai, followed by Aunty Pat, who performed two hulas – He Pua Wehiwa and Makee Ailana. Tamaki reminded me that we had met a couple of years ago at the Ekitopia Festival in Nagoya … wow, that must have been our first Golden Week trip to Japan – such wonderful memories!  That was our first encounter with Yama-chan chicken (tebasaki) which we now try to eat every time we go to Japan … especially Alex who is a Yama-chan fanatic!!  Last night our friend, Misa, made a fan with Alex’s picture on one side and Nick’s on the other and was waving it while we performed … very, very cool!  I want to thank everyone who came down last night – you being there really meant a lot to me and the boys!  As someone once said, “Without an audience, it’s just one big rehearsal!”

Well, I’m off to golf … hope to see you at Lulu’s this Friday or at Ala Moana Center on July 4th!




  1. Aloha!
    I am Tamaki who went to hear your live broadcasting on June 27.
    I danced “Ka Uliwehi O ke kai”.
    I was tense in a sudden thing at that time, but what was able to dance by your live performance was very happy.
    In addition, I am really glad to see a thing at that time saying it in the blog of the daddy.
    You are coming to Japan this moment!
    It is very sad that your live broadcasting is not performed in Nagoya.
    Please perform live broadcasting by all means in Nagoya on the next time.
    I go to meet by all means.
    Please enjoy a remaining schedule.

    • Aloha Tamaki!
      I’m sorry we are not able to be in Nagoya on this trip, and I hope we will get to perform there soon!