The Day After

I’ve had a day to digest that Michael Jackson passed away and I still don’t believe it. It’s a weird feeling because I got emotional when I had heard he died, yet I wouldn’t consider myself a “die-hard” fan. Don’t get me wrong, he was a huge musical inspiration to me and I loved the kind of performer he was. It’s amazing that one person could touch so many lives in one lifetime.
Alright, now on to happier news, tonight is Lulu’s night! I still get excited to play on these nights because I love to see what kind of people show up; it’s different every week. I’m glad these weekly gigs haven’t gotten old yet haha! I hope you all can come down this afternoon for some good drinks and music!
My schedule today is pretty simple, since we have our big 4th of July performance next weekend I have to chart out some music for everyone to practice because we’re going to play some patriotic songs…fitting for the 4th of July celebrations! Other than that, I might head down to a music store to hang out, maybe write some new songs, change my guitar strings, I don’t know yet haha! Last night I watched the first Transformers movie again to remind myself what happened, and now I really want to see the new one. My friend just called and asked if I wanted to go today, and I do, but I don’t know if I’ll have time! Damnit, I need to invent a watch that stops time so that I can fit everything in to one day…anybody have one of those yet? Yea…thought so 🙁
Well I hope to see you all at Lulu’s tonight, or maybe Kani Ka Pila tomorrow night! Remember, tomorrow night’s start time is changed from 5:30 to 6:00. Not a big change, if anything you’ll just be early, but I’m not telling my friends the time changed because they come late anyways so hopefully now they’ll come on time.
Stay classy Honolulu!

PS – I’m practicing for when I need to be in this advertisement in Japan…

My debut
My debut


  1. Aloha, Alex!
    It’s really nice picture! Hahaha:D People who look this choose you next advertisement.
    (by the way, Ryo Ishikawa; he’s the youngest pro golfer in Japan.)
    Aloha, NAO♪

  2. wow, you are actor??