Golf day!

It’s another brisk morning here in Manoa Valley!  The mauka rain showers have finally returned and it’s turning everything in the valley green again.  For a while there, our lawn was starting to look like someone had painted it brown because it was so hot & dry.  It’s pretty much returned to its rich green color except for a few areas that probably need more water.  But the thing I missed seeing most during the recent hot weather were the beautiful rainbows that appear in Manoa quite frequently.  When we were getting a lot of rain a few months ago, I used to see them almost everyday in the early morning or the late afternoon as I was driving home.  A lot of times there would be double bands of rainbows … and twice I saw triple bands!  I love rainbows because to me, it’s a comforting sign that our kupuna are there watching over us.

And since it’s Thursday, I’m playing golf later this afternoon with my gang out at Waialae!  They’re a great bunch of guys – mostly business executives – who get together every Thursday afternoon to escape the “rat race” and decompress (read: act like idiots and consume copious amounts of heavenly spirits!). We always have so much fun … especially at the “19th” hole when everyone’s either bragging about their win or making lame excuses about losing!  And because a lot of wedding ceremonies take place right in front of our clubhouse on Kahala Beach, we always end up checking out the bride & groom to see who got the better “deal”! haha! 😉

I was at a meeting in Waikiki last night, and was pleasantly surprised to see Kalakaua Avenue packed with tourists.  It was good to see, since Hawaii tourism’s been having a very difficult year due to the poor global economy.  We’re still attracting good crowds at our Lulu’s & Kani Ka Pila gigs so far, but there are times when I can tell that our tourists are not in town.

Gotta run … the puppies wanna go for their walk!