Papa Day!

Hey look at me I’m not blogging at 11 at night! Congratulations to me!

Well it is Father’s Day today and we are getting ready to spend time with the family and BBQ every food possible!! We just gave my dad his gift, a new gucci wallet, now he can buy me food in style haha! It’s about time he got a new wallet because his old one is probably the same age as I am.

It was a simple day today, I went to see the new movie “Year One”, starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. It was pretty funny! The previews were funny and the movie didn’t let me down. I know what you’re thinking…why go to a movie in the morning? Well…it’s cheaper and less crowded that’s why! I still think the best movie I’ve seen is “The Hangover” because it just made me want to go to Las Vegas haha. However, I can’t wait till Harry Potter 6 comes out! I just finished the book a couple days ago so I’m soooooo excited for the movie. The end was a suprise to me!! FOr those of you who have read it…you know what I’m talking about.

It’s time to get cooking and drinking! The family is just starting to arrive and that means only one thing…BBQ!!!!!!
Check my Twitter because i’ll post some pictures from tonight!