Happy Father’s Day!

I’d like to wish all my fellow dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day and hope that you’re enjoying this special day with your loved ones!  I’ve just made some coffee and am sitting here on our porch enjoying a beautiful, breezy Sunday morning with Buster, Peanut, and Jazz (no, they’re not our kids – they’re our dogs!).  I’m going to be taking my mom up to Punchbowl this morning to “visit” my dad – it’ll be the first Father’s Day since my dad’s passing so I’m sure it’ll be quite emotional for all of us.  Later this afternoon, we’re going to have a barbecue with family & friends so I’m looking forward to enjoying some great food and spirits!

Since I still can’t play squash because of my injured shoulder, I think I’ll go jogging down at Ala Moana Park – it’s too windy to do any stand-up paddling.   We performed at a private graduation function last night up at the former Paradise Park in Manoa Valley, and I’ve never seen so many wild chickens & roosters running around!  Located at the very end of Manoa Road deep in the valley, the former Paradise Park location reminded me of scenes from the movie JURASSIC PARK.  The rustic buildings are surrounded by huge trees and thick jungle foliage, and I could have sworn I saw T-Rex staring hungrily at us while we were walking to our cars! ;-)  By the way, the entry for Lyon Arboretum and Manoa Falls trail are also located here.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Happy Father’s Day! You are a roll model of every parents. You enfluence on us a lot in a good way;)

  2. Happy Father’s day!!

    You are watashi no hawaii no otousan!! 🙂 hehe

    See you soon!