It’s Aloha Friday!

Ahhhh .. our Manoa weather has finally returned – cool, brisk tradewinds and morning rain showers!  It’s so wonderful after all the heat we’ve had lately … even the birds’ chirping sounds happier!  Well, it’s Friday and that means Lulu’s tonight!  I really look forward to Lulu’s because it’s a great way to end the work week.  If you haven’t been to Lulu’s yet, it’s located directly across from “The Wall” at Kuhio Beach where I used to bodyboard during the summers (in fact, the first South swell just arrived with wave heights of 5 – 8 feet – perfect!).  I like it too because it’s a very casual setting where the dress code is shorts, t-shirts, and slippers, and the sunset views are outstanding!

I hurt my shoulder a couple of weeks ago playing squash, so I’ve been trying to rest it and have been jogging and stand-up paddling instead.  I think I injured it after we returned from our Golden Week tour and I played hard without stretching first.  If it doesn’t get better soon, I may have to have a doctor take a look at it.




  1. Yes! I enjoy spending time at Lulu’s on Friday:)
    all my stress is gone after your live. See you there.
    please take care of youe shoulder.

  2. Hi dad!!
    Please take care. 🙂

    in about 20 days! I’ll see you again!! 😉

    ohh I wanna go to Manoa this time!!