Hey everyone!

I hear that some people can’t see my Twitter page and I’m sorry I don’t know why!! Ihope you all can figure it out, maybe you need to sign up for a twitter account? I don’t know, but I update that a couple times a day, but I’m going to try and update this a lot more now. I hope people are reading this hahah!

Well I just got back from Lulu’s and it was a great crowd as usual. I want to thank Yutaka, Misako, Yuriko, and Yoshiko for dancing and getting the crowd going from the front row! Also, I saw Nao come up to help dance to some songs too…THANKS!

Tomorrow we won’t be at the Outrigger Reef because we have a private gig, but we’ll be back the week after I think so please come on down!

I want to say congratulations to my friends who just had their baby this afternoon while we were playing at Lulu’s, tomorrow I will definately come visit the new baby! Also, do I have to get my friend a gift for father’s day because he just became a father?? Maybe a beer or something…haha!

Don’t forget to wish your father a happy father’s day on sunday!
Well, I’m tired for now so I’ll have to say good night to all of you…I also think I hurt my back tonight…don’t know how haha!

I’ll see you all soon!


3 thoughts on “Great Lulu’s on Friday!!

  1. Misa 13 years ago

    It was a great night! We had a leader yesterday so our dance got better? And I really enjoy your song “I’m yours”, I’m a big fan of Jason Mraz though, and many singers cover his song though, yours is the best! because it’s so sweet and suits your voice too. I can’t wait untill next Friday to see your live;)

    1. dad 13 years ago

      Thanks, Misa! We always have a good time when you guys come to see us!

  2. Nao Matsuura 13 years ago

    Aloha, guys!

    You are very welcome! I’m happy to dance on your song. Last week, Yutaka asked me to dance but at that time, we mistook for another song:( This time we did it:D So, how was that? Did we do well???


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