Ok … I blew it!

Whoops – sorry I missed yesterday’s blog … my laptop somehow froze on me so I wasn’t able to make an entry in the morning.  It’s much cooler this morning since we had some rain showers last night and the tradewinds have picked up.  We took Buster, Peanut, and Jazz for a VERY quick walk this morning since they don’t like being out in the rain … they do, however, love swimming in the ocean (well, at least Peanut & Jazz do!).  We’re also preparing to have our house treated for termites – they are a real problem in Hawaii, especially when the weather turns hot & humid.  I knew we had a problem when I turned on my computer one early morning last week and a couple of termites started flying around my screen!!  #*%@#!

By the way, we will not be at Kani Ka Pila this Saturday – sorry!  We will be performing next Saturday, however, but will then be gone for the whole month of July due to other commitments and another Japan tour.  The same applies to our Friday schedule at Lulu’s.  We should be back in August, but please check our manoadna.com website for the latest schedule updates …

Malama pono,