Scary Day of Paddling

I celebrated life last night because my friend and I had a rough day out in the waves yesterday haha! So a big south swell has been on and off the last week or so and my friend and I decided to try our hand at surfing in the windy, choppy, big waves. Well, he forgot his leash and lost his board on a big wave I was riding and I had to retrieve his board for him and try and make it out through the waves with two boards without him drowning. Making a long story short, I couldn’t find him for awhile, the waves were knocking me around, and it was the longest 15 minutes of my life trying to stay alive and try to find my friend. We laugh about it now, but at the time it was scary and tiring haha! *Note to self – never go paddling alone because you might die haha*
Other than that, nothing really new is going on since the last time I blogged (yesterday), but today I’m going to get some work done for m.DNA and maybe record some demos for our new CD. Maybe a little preview will be coming? Keep on checking my Twitter because I update it allllll the time with different updates about life.
Check out the picture below, our friend from HTJ sent me this one…it looks I’m trying not to throw up haha or I’m sleeping or something. GREAT PICTURE!! *Another note to self – smile when singing or else you look dumb haha*

Enjoy life everyone!

Sleeping at Venus Fort
Sleeping at Venus Fort