What?! Another blog?!

Can you believe it?!  This is my 2nd straight day of “blogging”!  I’m going to try and update this every morning before my day starts so let me know if this starts to get real boring, ok?

It’s about 7:30am on Monday morning and I can see some rain misting in the back of Manoa Valley … I hope we get rain very soon because the valley is getting pretty dry!  The temperature in Honolulu hit a record high yesterday – 92 degrees – which tells me that it is going to be a HOT summer so I guess we’re going to have to spend more time at the beach!  I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon to have my injured shoulder examined again.  I play a lot of squash and probably hurt it right after returning from our Golden Week tour in May.  Since I have to rest my shoulder for awhile, I’m trying to do other activities like jogging and paddle surfing … I love paddle surfing, but jogging really sucks … especially since the weather’s been so hot recently!

Ok .. that’s it for today …