Monday….So Boring

Aloha everyone!

Well it’s monday and I am officially bored. Had a great weekend of gigs and fun and thank you to everyone who came out and watched our shows! I FINALLY got back to writing music this past week and I’ve got some songs that will knock your socks off…haha I’m so glad that I got started on new songs because I really want us to get started on a new album ASAP. Ever since the Na Hoku awards I’ve been inspired to get my butt moving in the direction of a new album because not only do I want to enter it in the Na Hoku Awards again, but I also want people to see who much we’ve grown as a band and how much better our music is getting. Hopefully we’ll start it soon!

As for my life, I haven’t gone paddle boarding in awhile so I’m hoping to get going today since the waves are not TOO big. The water looked so peaceful when we were playing at Lulu’s on friday and all I wanted to do was go out and paddle in to the sunset.
Is anyone in Hawaii? Does anyone want to go paddling today?

LET”S GO!!!!!!