A hot summer day

Well, it’s another hot day here in Hawaii…it’s great!! Today I was going to take my computer in to get it fixed until I realized it fixed itself…why do computers and cars always so that?!? Once you decide to show a specialist what the problem is, it decides to behave and make you look stupid. I don’t get it.
Anyways…as for music stuff, we’re working on some stuff for japan right now and at the same time we are trying to get out new cd going. It’s not that easy to get all of this stuff done at one time. Oh yea, and we’re preparing for our na hoku performance with tony c. You know what though? I am so happy that I’m busy with music because I’d rather be busy than struggling to find gigs.
Well I hope everyone is well!
If you’re in Hawaii it’s a great beach day so get out there and tan those bodies!!

Aloha for now!