…and it is HOT!

Who said it would be this hot? It’s like we went from low-70s to high-80s in one day! Where’s my transitional period? It’s thrown off my whole world! Now I need to bring a fan wherever we play, drink more fluids, wear more sunscreen, it’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore?!? Haha!

Anyway, happy June everybody. Hopefully your summers are full of fun and we get to see all of you around the stage!



One thought on “Summer is Here!

  1. Rose 14 years ago

    Aloha, Nick! I finally got off my kohole (is that right?!) and e-mailed my friend at Kirin. Fingers crossed. Please definitely let me know your next Japan tour schedule. He got transferred to Tokyo HQ, and I will invite him to attend one of your shows. His family is still nearby (in between Kobe and Osaka), so he may even catch a show this way.

    I hope summer is fun…spring has sucked due to Swine Flu. It’s a good thing you guys left when you did!!!!! OH…was *THAT* what Alex had?! LOL

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