Summer is Here!

…and it is HOT!

Who said it would be this hot? It’s like we went from low-70s to high-80s in one day! Where’s my transitional period? It’s thrown off my whole world! Now I need to bring a fan wherever we play, drink more fluids, wear more sunscreen, it’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore?!? Haha!

Anyway, happy June everybody. Hopefully your summers are full of fun and we get to see all of you around the stage!


One Comment

  1. Aloha, Nick! I finally got off my kohole (is that right?!) and e-mailed my friend at Kirin. Fingers crossed. Please definitely let me know your next Japan tour schedule. He got transferred to Tokyo HQ, and I will invite him to attend one of your shows. His family is still nearby (in between Kobe and Osaka), so he may even catch a show this way.

    I hope summer is fun…spring has sucked due to Swine Flu. It’s a good thing you guys left when you did!!!!! OH…was *THAT* what Alex had?! LOL