After a busy weekend

Hello to all!
Well it’s Monday and we had a pretty busy weekend so it’s a good day to relax. Let’s start from the beginning…
Friday we met with Tony Conjugation about our upcoming performance together at the Na Hoku awards and let me first say, what a great guy! We all talked for 2 hours about music and life and he is a very talented and accomplished musician. He’s a great mentor to us and we look forward to having some fun at the Hoku awards!
Later on Friday we had our usual Lulus surf bar gig in Waikiki and it was good fun! It’s always good to see some friends from Japan and meeting new friends from around the world. And of course it’s great to see the usual suspects at our gigs, thanks fir coming down!!
I got a chance to finally go see one of my good friends play music down at the shack on Friday night. It was good fun and great music. The only thing was I got home at 4am and was reallllly tired the next day haha!
Saturday night we had our weekly Kani Ka Pila bar gig that was another good night down there. There were many birthdays to be celebrated along with many people just celebrating life! If you have a Saturday night off and want to have some fun, come down to Kani Ka Pila at the Outrigger Reef Hotel in waikiki and start your night off with a little Manoa DNA!
Ok…the weekend is almost done I promise!
Sunday morning we all woke up early to take a flight to Kauai to bring my late grandpa’s ashes back to his roots. Our whole family went for the day and it was so nice to go back to Kauai where most of my family is from. The picture below of the Hanapepe sign is very dear to us because back in the day my grandpa designed that sign. What a great guy and now that he’s home he can rest in peace. Love you grandpa!

Well, that was a fun filled busy weekend for me and now I’m ready to get some work done. Oh yea, I forgot, しりません, ごめんなさい、I went paddling everyday and it was awesome!!
Ok now I’m done, enjoy the pictures below- the first is the band ooklah the moc at the shack, the second is the swinging bridge on Kauai, and the third is the Hanapepe sign I talked about earlier.