Back in Action!

I’m back in action and ready to play again!!! I’ve sort of got over my sickness so we’ll see how my voice holds up at Lulus tonight…it should b interesting! This week was suppose to be a week for me to work on new songs but I never really got a chance to because I got sick. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get something good down.
Thanks for all the good wishes from everyone, I think I got better because of your blessings.
Tonight we’re at Lulus and tomorrow we’re at Kani Ka Pila bar in Waikiki so please come and visit us! Check my twitter for updates between sets. Should be a good night tonight, it’s great to be feeling better!

Aloha all!

One Comment

  1. Aloha Alex! How do you feel now? Are you OK?
    Oh I’ll check Twitter!