Paddle Boarding!!

I’m on my way to to paddle boarding, has anyone tried it before??? It’s awesome! It’s like surfing and kayaking put together so it’s a great work out. If any of you have a chance to come to Hawaii soon you should go down to Hans Hedemann surf school and rent a paddleboard for the day and go out in the sunny Hawaiian weather and soak up the rays! If you go, tell them Manoa DNA sent you!!! I’ll probably be out there also so if you see me say hi!!
This week is going to be a week of music writing so I got to buckle down and get the mind juices flowing. I’ll post updates of how i’m doing and check my twitter because I’ll update that more with little tweets everyday, maybe some lyrics if you’re lucky!
Well, time to jump in the water! See you all out there!!


  1. Hi Alex,
    The paddle boarding… It sounds cool!!
    I wish I try it sometime in Hawaii:)
    By the way How about your cold?
    Hope you’ll get well soon and go paddle boarding!!!

    I’m looking forward to your now songs!!

  2. I go paddleboarding in Laguna Beach, CA all the time. It’s so amazing. I am dying to come out to Hawaii and give it a shot. Thx for the post.