It’s HOT!

Boy, it looks like the hot summer weather has finally arrived in Hawaii … but the skies are clear and sunny and the mornings and late afternoons are beautiful. This weekend is Memorial Weekend so we’ll be taking my mother to visit the graves of my father and other relatives, and to decorate them with fresh flowers. It’s been about a month since my dad passed away, and we miss him very much … but I know his spirit is with us stronger than ever!

We perform this week at Lulu’s, but will not be at Kani Ka Pila since we have to attend a wedding on Saturday. However, we should be back to our normal schedule pretty much through the rest of June and July.  Please be sure to check our schedule or call the restaurant to make sure that we will be performing.  Finally, we are honored to have been asked to perform at this year’s Na Hoku Hanohano Awards with Tony Conjugacion … awesome!  That’s all for now …