Ok so sake in Hawaii doesn’t taste as good as in Japan, but it’ll do for now. I’m at a Japanese restaurant drinking sake but I can only think of the best sake in Japan!!
Oh also I figured out how to type in Japanese so here it goes!
Not bad yea? Anyways, here’s my sake cup..cheers!!!


  1. Aloha Alex
    Just wanted to let you guys know that i think your great and I love your music.Im from Australia and was holidaying there last sept with a bunch of friends and saw you guys performing at the waikiki street festival,not sure if thats what its called but I loved your version of Hotel california and often go on your website and Myspace.I really look forward to hearing more of your fantastic music…maybe one day you guys caught come down under! Love Jill

  2. Look forward to more chats with you.

  3. Hi Alex 🙂

    こんばんは、is correct answer. ”は(HA)” is read, ”わ(WA)”

    Your sake cup ( ochoko )is cool 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Miyoshi (^-^)/

  4. Kampai!!!!!! \(^o^)v

    Tomorrow I’m going to another sake tasting dinner at the French restaurant in the hotel–you will DEFINITELY have to come to Kobe and visit Nada–one in four bottles of sake sold in Japan are made in Nada. There are many sake factories that let you sample as you learn how the good stuff is made!

    By the way, sake is very good for your skin and health–keep drinking!!!!!