Back from Japan


I’ve been back from Japan for a week now and I’m still tired…what the heck?
Don’t get me wrong, our Japan trip was amazing! We had a lot of people come out and support us and I think we did a good job of promoting Japan. As usual we ate and drank our way around the various places in Japan so I was very disappointed that I was under the weather the last few days. All I did was sleep back stage and not eat anything…it was terrible. But now I’m all better and I just finished my final exams at the University of Hawaii (please pray that I passed…) and I have the wonderful yet busy summer to look forward to. I’m glad I’m not graduating (not really) because UH won;t allow people to shake hands because of the mysterious SWINE FLU!!! (cue scary music…)
I’ve decided that I want to start posting up pictures so this is my first one….

Is pants a verb?
Is pants a verb?

In America, when someone uses “pants” as a verb, it usually means they’re going to pull your pants down. I was a little skeptical about entering this store…they didn’t pants me when I entered…I was a little let down I won’t lie.

Well, we should be starting a new CD soon so stay tuned!
Thanks for reading!