Aloha peeps,
We’ve been quite busy since we returned to Hawaii last Thursday. My dad’s funeral service was on Friday, we performed at Kani Ka Pila on Saturday, took our mothers to brunch on Mother’s Day, and finally interred my father’s ashes this morning (Monday) at Punchbowl! We’re all still pretty exhausted and our body clocks have not quite adjusted back to Hawaii time. We leave for Maui this Saturday to perform at the Ritz Carlton for a private function, so we have to start getting ready for that this week. I guess it’s true that there is no rest for the weary … 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s great to be home ….

  1. Naoko Sakata 13 years ago

    It was the tour hardship externals in Japan.
    Very in a very hard schedule.
    It seems to be busy after it returns to Hawaii every day. It takes care of yourself.


  2. beni 13 years ago

    To dad
    It seems to be really busy.
    Please it takes care of yourself.

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