Golden Week review

Aloha everyone!
It’s an overcast day in Osaka and we will be performing our last two shows before departing for airport to catch our flight back to Hawaii. It’s been a very busy 8 days, but it was so nice to see all of our friends and fans and to be able to perform for them live. Everyone loved our new Hawaii 2009 campaign song ONLY IN HAWAII and VOICES SWEET, the Hiroshima documentary theme song, both composed by Alex.

We’re all pretty tired and are ready to come home, but we can’t wait for our next visit to Japan in July for the Aloha Yokohama Festival.



  1. To dad
    I was relieved to see your wonderful smiles with Odaiba.

    Being possible to meet only once is regrettable because there were a lot of schedules of me.
    I was not able to change the schedule though I wanted to go to Osaka.

    I am looking forward to meeting you in Aloha Yokohama Festival very much.
    I listen to CD of 「Manoa DNA」 every day and am waiting for you.


  2. Hello. The event in Japan was how? Was it happy?I went to Odaiba on the lei day on May 1. Very happy time was able to be spent thanks to your performances. Thank you. New song CD can be gotten, it does, and putting together. It hears it every day. The event in the next Japan is Yokohama. It goes absolutely. It goes to Lulus or kanikapira to meet at that time because it is thought that it goes to Hawaii to play ahead of that. Then, please return home to Hawaii taking care.
    Aloha Naoko.

  3. Aloha, guys!
    How was Japan tour? My friends went to the Hiroshima Hawai’ian festival! They really enjoyed:) …So you guys must be very tired… Please relax at home;) I’m waiting for your guy’s coming back and looking forward to listening new songs:D See you soon!