Golden Week and FOOD!! :)

Does anybody read this anymore?? Oh well I don’t care I’m going to write anyway…haha!

Golden Week is approaching and I am getting more and more excited about traveling to Japan again! I can already taste the ramen, yamachan chicken, nanak indian food, and the nama beeru!! If only we had some extra days, playing golf would be a great addition to our already exciting trip coming up.

We are now about 2 weeks away from our tour in Japan and we can’t wait to see everyone there and play music for all of the Japanese people who come to see us. We have some new songs that we are going to debut and we are interested to see what people think. I think Vance K in Tokyo has been playing some of our songs already? Hopefully the listeners are enjoying them.

I just got done with my day at school and realized that with all the traveling we are doing in the next few weeks, i only have three more days of school left hahahahah! In some ways that’s great, but that means I miss a lot of work and I have to do extra studying while I am away from home… 🙁 oh well, if that’s the price I have to pay for being able to travel and do what I love, it is a very small price to pay.

I’m off to eat some lunch now so until next time…ALOHA!!