We just got done practicing music for our upcoming trips at the end of the month. We are practicing songs for the University of Washington Luau performance we have before our Japan Golden Week trip. All songs are familiar, but we’ve never played them before so we have to practice a lot!!!

We have some new songs we’re working on for our Japan trip, including the 2009 HTJ theme song, and the song we wrote for the Hiroshima Documentary. We are so excited to go back to Japan, it’s been too long!

I know that Vance K is playing some of our new music in Japan and I hope people are enjoying it…please request it as often as possible id you hear it! Anyways, I have to go and do some work, homework that is…junk…

I will be writing my blog as much as possible from now on and hopefully we will be able to add video and pictures soon because I want everyone to see what I’m doing all day hahahahaha!!